Darrell J Bueckert / Out of the Blue
A CD of arrangements for marimba from Hymnal: A Worship Book
This CD was nominated for Outstanding Instrumental Recording at the 2003 Western Canadian Music Awards


  1. We gather together
  2. Por la maņana
  3. Holy Spirit, come with power
  4. Healer of our every ill
  5. Cantemos al Seņor
  6. Santo, santo, santo   play mp3 demo
  7. God loves all his many people
  8. Wehrlos und Verlassen
  9. Wind who makes all winds
  10. Children of the heavenly Father
  11. Jesus priceless treasure
  12. Ah, holy Jesus
  13. Blessed are the persecuted
  14. May God grant you a blessing
    Audio clips are mp3 compressed mono format.
Out of the Blue
SSP 02-100
Produced by Darrell J Bueckert
Seashell Sound Productions
2117 37th Street West
Saskatoon SK CANADA S7L 4E6
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Darrell Bueckert
2117 37th Street West
Saskatoon SK CANADA S7L 4E6